Pachchaperumal Rice – Organic | Traditional Kabanika Sahal 1kg

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Pachchaperumal is a very popular medium grain red rice variety traditionally grown in Sri Lanka. This plant grows to a height of 120 cm. Pachchaperumal is currently cultivated in all parts of the country and is traditionally used in the treatment of diabetes. The value of this treatment is confirmed by scientific evidence. It is generally believed that consuming this rice is good for cooling the body and healing wounds. Furthermore, it is a rich source of protein and is a naturally occurring antioxidant. Consumption with bran is important in obtaining such valuable nutritional and medicinal value. It is 100% organic and is ideal for a non-toxic diet.

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1 review for Pachchaperumal Rice – Organic | Traditional Kabanika Sahal 1kg

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    Recommended this Product. speed Delivery. thanks!

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